Achievements – Mainstream Partnership 2006, 2007 and 2008 image

Achievements – Mainstream Partnership 2006, 2007 and 2008

Below is a list of Mainstream Partnerships achievements which highlight their contribution to Black society and Black History Month.

Event Management of Launch/Networking 2007 – Mainstream Partnership Peepul Centre Leicester was a successful event with large attendance. Several of our BME members receiving offers of work thereafter.

Freedom Showcase 2007 – Fundraising 3 Cities, Project Management with BME member promoter/partners, Black Drop, Hella Music, Sugar Shack and WORD, Apples & Snakes. Stakeholder members Apples & Snakes and East Midlands Literature – Network 8- Artists 5 BME including 3 Mainstream Partnership members Dee Piari, Michael ‘Sure Shot’ Brome, Joanne ‘Spice’ Black Wood members commissioned, mentored and directed in Showcase performance at Phoenix Arts. This also developed a new culturally diverse audience for Live Literature in East Midlands.

‘Crossing the Waters’ flagship national event 2007 at South Bank hosted by Baroness Lola Young at South Bank to commemorate Abolition of Slavery – supported 3 BME member artists that participated Michael ‘Sure Shot’ Brome, Philip Herbert (shown in photo above) and Mellow Baku.

Black Umfalosi Performing Arts Residency 2007 Lincolnshire Shadowing/Delivery) – brokered with Leisure connection for our BME member Sabrina Salmon.

Bass Festival East Midlands 2007/2008 – Broker partnerships between our BME Producer/Promoter members based in the East Midlands and Arts Council England. We gave funding advice and support, leading to successful Grant for the Arts application. Over 2007, 152 artists participated, with 3 BME led member organisations, with a new large diverse audience created across the region by Lead BME Promoter/Producer member organisation in East Midlands 2 Funky lead by Vijay Mistry.

Haymarket Theatre Residencies 2006/2007 were successful applicants with BME members Priya Mistry and Samir Bhamra. Priya Mistry taken up by Freelance Producer, Amanda Roberts. Samir has had productions in London and had been touring his work nationally.

Cultural Diversity Network Derby – support formation of the Network and our BME and stakeholder members that participate within it as part of the legacy work of Arts Council England and Derby City Council Cultural/Diversity arts and culture policy.

Arts Council England Decibel Bursary – Managing six £5,000 bursary awards for BME artists/organisations: Nusantara, Big Creative Ideas, Mellow Baku, Philip Herbert, Priya Mistry and Baby J Enterprises.

Live Music Now – National Scheme for recruiting BME Musicians for paid work marketing support for recruitment event at Peepul Centre.

Digital Moving Image Centre – BME members SAEMP Somali Afro-European Media Project – Partnership brokering CEO and Board Recruitment Leicester.

Sustained Theatre – Arts Council England Black National Theatre Development East Midlands consultation, support BME members attendance of event.

Respond Arts Council England – Second Stage Race Equality – East Midlands BME led Practitioners Focus Group consultation.

Surtal Arts – BME member organisation support marketing South Asian Arts in Education Event and other arts event/programmes Derby.

East Midlands Writers Agency – members recruited for the steering group and the new Board.

East Midlands Post Decibel Showcase/Networking event with stakeholder partner Cultivate – Derby.

Leicester Comedy Festival – Brokering partnerships with BME members as Promoters and Artists, Mainstream Partnership also as organisational partner for 2008 Festival.

New Art Exchange Performing Artist Showcase – BME member artists, recruitment and support, advice support member Programmer Samina Rehman Nottingham.

Chinese Artists Development – advice and support/Ling Ping BME member successful ACE Grant for the Arts application, establishment of CADEM (Chinese Arts Development East Midlands) based at New Art Exchange.

Chinese Whispers Music Ensemble – A six member group of highly trained and talented Chinese musicians based in the UK. Their performances include both traditional and contemporary music from different parts of China. A recent tour of Lincolnshire, Leicestershire and Nottinghamshire delighted audiences offering descriptions and stories of the origins of the music and coming from one of the richest cultures, in the world.

The Freedom Showcase performance took place at the Phoenix Thursday 19 July 2007. A partnership project, with the Literature Network, Mainstream Partnership and Apples & Snakes. In association with Live Literature regional promoters Blackdrop (Nottingham) Sugar Shack (Derby) WORD (Leicester) fundraised £25,000 commissions, appointments and East Midlands Live Promoters ‘Go See’ fund.

BASS Festival East Midlands 2007/2008 – a Street Arts and Culture regional wide festival that was a partnership with Punch Records (Birmingham) and Mainstream with 152 artists and DJs taking part in the regional Partners were Mainstream Partnership member organisations, 2Funky Arts, Baby J Enterprises and Hella Music that took place in June 2007.

LACAF Bicentenary of Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Heritage – Rothley Visit 25 June 25 – 4 July 2007 – Historical visits were organised by LACAF as part of Heritage Lottery Leicester Partnership for the commemoration and celebration of the Bicentenary of the Abolition of the African Transatlantic Slave Trade. Visitors included Leicester City Council Chief Executive’s Office, Prince’s Trust, SANKOFA Walk, LACBA.

StepUp – course design, recruitment, marketing and promotion, training delivery, for a successful training course targeting BME member performing arts practitioners with Creative Partnership Arts Council England and other partners in Derby in Second phase with some training delivery by Mainstream Partnership staff.

Nottingham Playhouse and Phoenix Arts – Mentoring BRIT Producer BME member art practitioners, advice support, career planning.

Peepul Centre and Curve Theatres – Partnership Brokering – Big Creative Ideas and joint marketing for BME Theatre Production for Black History Season 2008.

NLab Conference De Montfort University – Social Networking and Business 2008 Social Networking Sites for Marketing and Promotion Creative Industries, ICT Digital Narrative Writing and Publishing.

East Midlands Funders Forum (topic helping to fund hard to reach groups) – BME Advocacy BME arts cultural sector – Consultation Event 2008.

BASS 2007/2008 – advocacy, funding advice support Grant for the Arts Council England, marketing support and partnership with our BME promoter members, partnership brokering with Live Literature Promoter, Blue Monsoon Publishing and Peepul Centre venue for the successful BASS Poetry Slam 2008.


Ongoing Work for 2008

BME Governance Pack East Midlands – partners Arts Council England, Cultivate East Midlands, BME Board Recruitment ‘Finders’ Scheme.

PAL – Performing Arts Vision Leicester Group (Curve, Peepul Centre, DMC, Y Theatre, Richard Attenborough Centre, Centre for Excellence Performing Arts, De Montfort Hall, Creative Leicestershire) shaping new vision for performing arts Leicester. Advocacy BME arts cultural sector and embedding Equalities Agenda.

Curve – promoting BME artists to Artistic Director two members commissioned as part of opening programme.

East Midlands Caribbean Carnival Collaborative Working Group (Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and Northampton), Facilitation of Group on behalf of Arts Council England.

East Midlands World Music Orchestra/Cultural Olympiad 2008 – interested partner Orchestra Live national organisation.

Leicester City Council Special Olympics July 2009 – Advice on Arts Cultural Programme projected spend £1,000,000 (subject to funding approval).

Olympiad Journal – Brokerage on behalf of BME members & partners Youth Arts Heritage Project as part of Cultural Olympiad – Partners ArtReach, Leicester City Council, Creative Partnerships, English Heritage projected spend funding stories & Journeys Project and The Lyric Lounge Spoken Word/Poetry Project Steering group member alongside Writing East Midlands, Apples & Snakes, WORD and Y Theatre.

East Midlands Arts Health Project – NHS partners EMPAF Nottingham Trent University Advice Consultation on embedding equalities in future research.

LEMP Leicester/shire Ethnic Minority Partnership – lead third sector voice capacity building advocacy BME communities. Strategic Partnership to engage and develop BME arts cultural sector.

VOICE East Midlands – Strategic lead voice for capacity building advocacy BME third sector. Mainstream Partnership to become lead regional voice on behalf of BME arts cultural sector, membership.

One East Midlands – Strategic regional lead voice (formerly East Midlands Single Platform/Engage) Third Sector capacity building membership.

VOICE4Change – Strategic National lead voice BME Third Sector – building membership.

Business Link – Development for Mainstream Partnership to become BME Creative Industries and Training Consultant/Broker East Midlands

BME Disability Arts Network – Discussions with BME practitioner member Louise Katerega (Foothold Company Integrated Dance) and the Arts Council England Cultural Diversity Officer on how to develop this area of work in the region.

Visual Arts Exhibition – Brokered deal for BME member to exhibit their art for sale at Maiyango Boutique Hotel Leicester.

Curator Museum – Disseminated information to BME member, who was then recruited for 2 year traineeship with New Walk Museum.

Arts and Health – Live Literature Showcase Project lead by NHS Leicester BME member commissioned to work with young men with mental health problems.



Mainstream Partnership, list of Mainstream Partnership Ltd Achievements, 2006, 2007, 2008.

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