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African and African Caribbean Community Achievement Awards – Categories

The African and African Caribbean Community Achievement Awards were held at the African Caribbean Centre during Black History Month to give the community the opportunity to celebrate the achievements of key individuals. Below are a list of award categories for our Community Achievers:

Business: This award aims to acknowledge African Caribbean businesses that have made significant achievements within the business community.

Arts: Nominees should have attained significant achievements as artists or have supported and enabled performances within their particular field e.g. the visual, multi-media or the performing arts.

Community: For individuals who have given time and effort for the benefit of others and who have helped improve the facilities and resources within the African Caribbean community. The award also recognises those individuals who, through involvement in projects or initiatives, have made a positive impact on others, the environment and/or the needs of the local community.

Special Person: This award recognises anyone who has excelled in their field or who has attained a major achievement. This could also include individuals who have overcome great adversity. Nominees may not necessarily reside in Leicester however, but must have a connection with Leicester and Leicestershire.

Young Person: Nominees should be outstanding members of the community and who are role models to other African Caribbean young people. They must also have shown interest in the community and strives for its upliftment.

Professional:  This award is for those individuals who have demonstrated outstanding dedication and commitment in their professional roles (e.g. dentists, accountants, lawyers, managers, trades people, etc.).

Sports Person: Nominees should have achieved outstanding success in their chosen sport during the preceding year, whether as a player or a coach. All nominees must be 16 years and over.

Lifetime Achiever: This award is open to individuals who have gained outstanding recognition in their work for more than 30 years.



Mainstream Partnership, African and African Caribbean Community Achievement Awards – Categories.

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