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African Caribbean Citizens Forum (ACCF)

African Caribbean Citizens Forum formed in 1996 following research by Leicester University into the African Caribbean Community that revealed the African Caribbean community had needs that spanned different sectors, from education and employment to health and social services. Economic, social and political representation was therefore important in redressing these needs. The recommendations of this research advocated for an umbrella organisation that could represent the African and African Caribbean community that would provide information, advocate and act in a representative role on issues outlined in the report.

The central vision of the Forum was to improve the quality of life of African and African Caribbean people in Leicestershire and to ensure that they were able to contribute and participate more fully in all aspects of life in the city and county.

African Caribbean Citizens Forum was building on African and African Caribbean’s history, embedding community and developing a unique legacy.

The Forum ensures that the African and African Caribbean led voluntary/community sector is involved in defining, developing and delivering solutions to the challenge faced by the community it encompasses.

ACCF Rationale

  • To provide a robust umbrella organisation able to represent the collective needs and interests of African and African Caribbean citizens. To build on our strengths by recognising, valuing and celebrating our diverse interests and that the solutions we seek are multi-faceted.
  • The purpose of the African Caribbean Citizen Forum is to effectively represent and address the cultural, economic, educational and social interest of African and African Caribbean people in Leicestershire.
  • ACCF will work with any individual, organisation or authority to promote, initiate, develop and secure a range of programmes, activities and strategies for the benefit of African Caribbean people.
  • ACCF will co-ordinate information across the whole authority on the key issues and concerns that affect the African and African Caribbean Community.

The Forum produced newsletters with the purpose of publicising and sharing news about community events, and places where the community could seek advice and discuss issues. The newsletter was a vital component in sharing news or information to the local African and African Caribbean community. Our research from the Forum’s newsletter showcases some of the stories and news information relating to Black History Month.