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Ajani Women and Girls Centre

Ajani Women and Girls Centre was founded in 1981 and began life in 1981 as ‘Highfields Girls’ Venture’ and was the first Black women’s Centre in the Midlands. The project was renamed ‘Ajani possessed through the struggle. ’The Centre’s aims and objectives were to enable Afrikan/Afrikan Caribbean and dual heritage women and girls to realise their social, economic, and personal potential. To promote a positive identity of Afrikan Caribbean/dual heritage for women and girls. To give support to and gain support from agencies and individuals who share Ajani’s aims, vision and values. Activities included nursery, afterschool club, Friday girl’s group, Diva’s women group, Real Ajani women, the Exotics and play schemes as well as much more.

See below gallery of collection of Ajani photographs:

Courtesy of Maureen Dover.