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BHS Launch 2009

Leicester Black History Season Highlights

Below shows a press release for the BHS launch 2009:

The Election of Barack Obama as President of the United States was a momentous and historic world event that created a seismic shift in expectations. ‘Hope’ … the sentiment of a political campaign that meant and remains to mean to many in the United States of America and around the world’. So states the preamble for a new art multi-media art exhibition by celebrated local visual artist Ashok Mistry, exploring the impact of Barack Obama and his Presidential campaign. Ashok will be holding conversation sessions during Black History Season with a wide range of people from different backgrounds.

This year’s Black History Season for Leicester is exciting and jam packed with its theme ‘My History Our History is Black History’ – it kicks off this Thursday October 1 from 6.30pm at the African Caribbean Centre, everyone is welcome to come along, there will be a warm official welcome from the Chair of Black History Consortium Carol Leeming and traditional African Libation. With a speech by the Deputy Leader of Leicester City Council – Cllr. Vi Dempster, followed by talented local artists Michael ‘Sureshot’ Brome inspirational and rising star of the Poetry Spoken Word scene nationally. Alongside Rosetha Claxton’s an entrepreneur and assistant choreographer for Leicester’s spectacular opening ceremony for the Special Olympics with her Young Peoples Dance Group – There will be numerous information stalls promoting the various season’s events and African and African Caribbean arts and crafts.

Some of this year’s season highlights include a cutting edge arts programme continuing excellence at Peepul Centre – that includes a fascinating exhibition ‘Arts Own Kind’, focusing on the music and artwork of legendary Fela Kuti (Nigeria) visit on Saturday 3 October. Also, world famous Master Kora Player Sekou Keita and his Quintet October 13 with the Simphiwe Dana 23 October – (she has compared to Miriam Makeba and Erykah Badu) of South Africa with her 10 piece band. Also, hailing from South Africa the Y Theatre offers real Kalahari Desert Khoisan – tribesman famous for tracking their prey to exhaustion then celebrating the animal’s prowess The Gubi Family Friday 6 November.

Black History Season Launch Evaluation 2009 comments…

‘Keep up the good work.’

‘It was my first time coming to this event, I am a student who has just moved to Leicester. What a lovely event and programme for the month. I just think it would be nice to have a welcome team because I felt quite lost for the first half hour. Overall very good.’

‘Thoroughly enjoyable, keep up the good work.’

‘Well done to all organisers for a fruitful event. A good turnout and pleased to see these attend. Keep up the good work.’

‘Very enjoyable evening, more knowledge than before.’

‘Stage to be more unusually exciting. Food at the beginning good idea. Feel a warm-up act could work to get the audience involved. Otherwise congratulations once again.’

‘The idea should be transferred to Africa and other conflict areas. Thus even the less privileged could become great in the future like Obama.’

‘Emotional, spiritual, educational.’

‘Extend event.’

‘Would be nice to see more tasters of what’s to come over the season at the launch.’

‘Great Job, keep it up.’

‘Thanks to everyone who organised the launch.’

‘The dancing group SHOULD focus on their African dancing only, please. That’s the only dance they were good at and the one I enjoyed, the leading girl was a pro dancer, well done to her. I liked Carol’s speech too, Thanks.’



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Donated by Mainstream Partnership Ltd: (Serendipity have worked in collaboration with Mainstream Partnership Ltd, with Representative Douglas Beoku-Betts who have given permission to re-publish documents).