Black History Month 1999

African Caribbean Citizens Forum reports about BHM 1999 in Rapport Magazine:

“Before there was any history there was black history”

After a successful but exhausting Black History Month in 1998, there is general agreement that this year we should go for a “Season” spanning October and November so that we can spread out the good things over a longer period.

The aim is to increase the educational impact of the Season as well as the cultural celebrations. A theme of Stories’ is being developed – stories from Africa and the Caribbean, stories told through film, dance, poetry, music, pictures, books ……. living stories …… stories for the future…..

A launch is planned for the Season’s brochure in mid – September at De Montfort Hall and the aim is to increase further the profile of Black History.

We hope all the regular contributors to this event will continue to support the Season and newcomers are also welcome.

Overall co-ordination is through the Arts and Cultural Services team (Festivals Office) based at The Rowans in College Street.

Plans and ideas need to be forwarded to the Festivals Office by the end of March to ensure there are no potential date clashes and to see how the programme is developing.

October Events Diary

16th October

Jazz Jamaica featuring Carol Leeming and the Alchemists

African Caribbean Centre, 7:00pm


21st October

Holistic Health,

African Caribbean Centre, 7.00pm to 8.00pm.


28th October

The Vaughan Hawthorn-Nelson Quartet

Phoenix Arts, 8pm


30th October

Getting it Straight


African Caribbean Centre, 8pm



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Donated by Carol Varley: African Caribbean Citizens Forum