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Black History Season 2007

African Caribbean Citizens Forum reports about BHS 2007 in Rapport Magazine:

The theme for this year’s Black History Season, ‘Souls of Black Folk’ reflects on the post slavery experience and individuals who contributed to independence and the liberation movement which connects to neo-colonialism.

Black History Season 2007 is of special significance in that it leads us into the Bicentenary of the Abolition of Slave Trade throughout the British Empire. This is of great importance to all the people who at that time were subjects of the British Empire and suffered some of the greatest humiliations including loss of identity.

The programmes throughout the city will include a launch at the Y Theatre on Monday 1st October 6.30PM – 10PM.

There has been a series of events to mark the Bicentenary in Leicester such as:- Leicester City Council, BWG Conference, De Montfort Hall, Abbey Pumping Station, Elizabeth “Heyrick Project” visits to Rothley Court where the abolition documents were signed, projects to come shortly are:- Kaine “Sing Freedom”

Highfields Library “Calabash” all the above named projects are supported by The Heritage Lottery Fund.

The Black History Season Consortium is committed to holding the memories of our Afrikan ancestral heritage which is ours as a legacy, to pass on to our future generations we hold up Black History Season as an example of our commitment to preserve our cultural identity.


African Caribbean Citizens Forum, Rapport Magazine, Summer Edition, 2007, p. 3.

Donated by Carol Varley: African Caribbean Citizens Forum