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Black History Season 2009

African Caribbean Citizens Forum reports about BHS 2009 in Rapport Magazine:

BHS 2009 extends through October and November. The season is being co-ordinated by the BHS Consortium which is currently chaired by Carol Leeming.

The season will present a kaleidoscope of events, activities, initiatives and projects, each dedicated to celebrating excellence within our community. This year’s theme is Black Achievement. The need to acknowledge and applaud the contributions of Black Achievers to the development of Britain generally and Leicester specifically has never been so stark.

The election of BNP MPs to the European Parliament attests to our need to actively promote our collective voice. We need to restate that we as Black people are here to stay, here to share and here to contribute. Black History Season is one such contribution.

The range of activities to be encapsulated by this season is extensive. De Montfort Hall for example will be hosting the great jazz exponent Courtney Pine, whilst 2Funky Arts will be offering insight to the urban legacy and history of Black Music.

Music, art and discussions feature extensively in this year’s programme. The African Caribbean Centre will be a hub of creative activity from Eat & Meet sessions to hair workshops and fashion shows. The African Caribbean Centre will be offering showcase opportunities. New literature will be launched as part of the season including a new selection of Black-focused children books that are to be available through Leicestershire libraries. A festival of choirs and a gospel talent show will ensure that the spiritual dimension of Black History Season is catered for.

Discussions and seminars concerning Health by Stealth and the current situation for African Heritage communities in Leicester are also to be this Season’s feature event.



African Caribbean Citizens Forum, Rapport Magazine, Summer Edition, 2009, p. 1.

Donated by Carol Varley: African Caribbean Citizens Forum