Carol Leeming’s Foreword for Black History Season 2009 image

Carol Leeming’s Foreword for Black History Season 2009

A warm welcome, to this years’ revitalised Black History Season with its overarching theme of ‘my history, our history is Black History’. This is appropriate in a historic 2009 e.g. discoveries of Afrikan written text at Timbuktu Mali, which will mean re-writing all the world’s history books and a popular first Black President of USA. We also focus on Black achievements generally, including local, national and international.

The more we all learn about Black History, it then enables us unravel our own individual and collective historical threads. This helps our understanding of all these different strands, which weave together the global world as we experience it today.

Whether spanning down the ages, ancient Egypt or Kemet (k’mt meaning land of the blacks), Black Greeks, Romans and Vikings in Britain. The wonders of, Malian King Mansa Musa, Black Moors and Madonna’s of Europe, the Black Harrapans or Siddhis of India or ancient Black Xia and Shang Dynasties in China. We are all connected from our genetic Afrikan Eve.

The achievements of Black History, past and present are vitally important. We need to ensure there are role models, experiences and opportunities, that rightfully positions afro-centric knowledge, at the centre of understanding of humankinds overall progressive development.

Leicester Black History Season 2009 supports and celebrates those Black achievers past and present that have demonstrated supreme qualities of leadership. It is their tenacity, courage and vision, their legacy across diverse fields that we celebrate and honour. We hope you enjoy and share with others the full programme on offer.

Carol Leeming Chair                                        © 2009

For and on behalf of Leicester Black History Consortium



Carol Leeming Dare to Diva Archive, Black History Season Foreword by Chair Carol Leeming, 2009.

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