Carol Leeming

Carol Leeming born in Leicester.

Listen below to find out about her education:


Recalls her personal experience of growing up that inspired her to engage with music:


Explains about her community work research while she was studying which led to the creation of the Ajana Women and Girls Centre:


Explains her personal journey of how she interacted with Black History and her experiences in Leicester connected to Black History:


Explains more about Raddle’s bookshop in Highfields and the importance of reading about Black History:


Explains more about Ajana Women and Girl’s Centre:


Explains about the Black History Consortium:


Recalls her involvement in different Black History Month events:


Explains her thoughts about Black History Month:


Recalls in more recent times her involvement as a performer during Black History Month events:


Explains the importance of outside influences in enhancing people’s knowledge about Black History and African traditions:


Recalls the ‘Style Up’ exhibition that she curated:


Recalls her time working with LACAF (Leicester African Caribbean Arts Forum):


Recalls her memories of Wolde Selassie:


Explains her thoughts on education and how children learn and engage with different stories: