Catherine Dénécy

Catherine born in 1986 – Guadeloupe, France. She is a professional artist who trained in Guadeloupe, then moved to New York City in 2004 to enter the Ailey School as the recipient of The Oprah Winfrey Foundation Scholarship. In 2011 she founded the BLISS Company to support her work and research on contemporary Caribbean dance on the international scene whilst continuing to work with Jawole Zollar and Nora Chipaumire.

Listen below to find out about Catherine’s education and the school system in France:


She explains her dance training at 18 years old and her work with Urban Bush Woman at age 20 in 2005:


Explains her thoughts about Black History Month and her knowledge of BHM growing up in France and living in New York during her lifetime:


Recalls the space she entered as a young Black woman working with Urban Bush Woman in regards to Black History and Black History Month:


Explains the purpose of her work and how that relates to Black History:


Explains her career steps in terms of her entrance into dance and how dance helped her to achieve her own style and creativity as a young Black woman – breaking the barriers:


Recalls her first dance lessons and her change from Ballet to other techniques:


Explains her thoughts on what she would like as Black History Month events or a year round celebration of Black History:


Explains her thoughts on Blackness, Black History and Black History Month:


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