Dion Hanna

Dion Hanna was born in Bristol in 1951 but attended schools in the Bahamas and Jamaica. He studied a Qualifying Law Degree at the University of West Indies and practiced Law for 15 years before studying his Masters of Law Degree at Sandhurst.

Dion’s working life included working in the Attorney General’s Office in the Bahamas, and he formed his own company Dion Hanna & Co.

Listen to Dion below who explains his work with the Mary Seacole Project when he arrived in Leicester in 1992:


Explains his thoughts on Black History Month in Leicester:


Recalls in more detail about Raddle’s Bookshop and its resources:


Recalls a conference in Coventry, Dion attended with Raddle’s Bookshop members:


Recalls below some of Raddle’s events or guest speakers:


Dion describes his memories of Raddle’s Bookshop:


Recalls weekly book groups at Raddle’s Bookshop:


Explains his thoughts on BHM:


Explains his thoughts on future education of Black History for younger generations: