Dr Sheron Wray

Dr Sheron Wray born in 1969 – Leicester. In 2016, she was awarded her PHD in dance studies from University of Surrey.

Listen below to find out more about Dr Sheron Wray:


Recalls her education in Leicester and starting her dance studies at the London Studio Centre:


Recalls her involvement with the African Caribbean community in Leicester:


Recalls her memories of choreographing a Black History Month performance with dancer Louise Katerega in 1999:


Explains her thoughts on the representation of Black History Month:


Explains her personal thoughts on the importance and her knowledge of Black History Month:


Sheron continues to explain her thoughts on Black History Month:


Explains her thoughts on the future of Black History Month in the next 30 years:


Explains her thoughts on the importance of collecting and recording memories relating to Black History and Black History Month:

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