Duncan Lawrence

Duncan Lawrence born in 1970 – Basingstoke, Hampshire.

Listen below to find out where Duncan grew up and attended school:


Explains his career path from University to employment and finally moving to Leicester in 2001 with his wife as a Church Minister:


Explains his involvement with the Church community and the Y theatre:


Recalls Black History Month events throughout his lifetime:


Recalls Black History Month events in Leicester:


Duncan talks about popular Black music:


Recalls his first interactions in Leicester to Black History Month as part of his role as Church Minister:


Recalls Wolde Selassie and his drumming classes on a Sunday afternoon at the Y Theatre:


Explains his thoughts on events during Black History Month:


Explains his thoughts on Black History Season or Black History Month:


Explains that there was no representation during Black History Month in regards to business:


Explains how it is important to have a Black History Month to celebrate Black History and to be on the agenda for education and community activists:


Explains why he thinks it is important to capture, record and archive memories and thoughts relating to Black History and Black History Month: