Elvy Morton

Elvy Morton born in 1935 – Island of Nevis, Caribbean. She was involved in setting up, initiating and running Leicester Caribbean Carnival in 1984 – 1985.

Listen to the clips below as Elvy recalls her school and working life:


Recalls the foundation of the Carnival in Leicester 1984:


Recalls the issues regarding funding and promotion of Carnival in Leicester:


Elvy explains her thoughts on a high point for her of Leicester’s Caribbean Carnival:


Elvy explains in more detail the issues facing African and African Caribbean people on arrival to Leicester and the difference in schooling in England and the Caribbean:


Elvy below recalls her thoughts and memories of the riots across cities in England during 1981:


Recalls the creation and her involvement in BHM in Leicester:


Elvy gives her thoughts on BHM celebrations:


Explains her thoughts on the future of BHM:


Explains her thoughts on the importance of celebrating Black History:


Explains the key role of projects in collecting memories for future generations: