John Rance

John Rance born in 1962 – Croydon, South London.

John is the Chief Executive Director of Phoenix Cinema based in the Cultural Quarter – Leicester.

Listen below to find out more about John’s education, working life and his decision to work at the Phoenix:


Explains the role of the Phoenix, the programmes and its roots in the community:


Explains the importance of Black History Month in Phoenix’s programme:


Explains how Phoenix works with community organisations to show specific films:


Explains the audience demographic attending Phoenix’s events:


Recalls the old venue and moving into the new Phoenix building in the Cultural Quarter:


Explains his thoughts for the future of expanding Phoenix’s outreach to different communities within Leicester:


Explains his thoughts about the old venue and the new Phoenix venue and how the same ethos and values continue:


Recalls visiting the old Phoenix venue when he lived and worked in Leicester:


Explains his thoughts on Black History Month and how Phoenix promotes Black History:


Explains his thoughts on the importance of recording and collecting history relating to Black History Month and the Phoenix: