Julie Smith

Julie Smith born in 1969 – Reading. She works as Serendipity’s project manager focusing on workshops and courses such as ‘Developing your Choreographic Voice’.

Recalls her first interest in dance when growing up in Reading and her reasons for wanting to work in the Arts world:


Recalls her move to Leicester, her university degree in dance and work in the Arts throughout her studies:


Recalls working for the Leicester Mercury as the community action assistant and Leicester City Council and the East Midlands Arts African and Caribbean Developments Officer at African Caribbean Centre:


Recalls the workshops that she organised with tutors such as Jackie Guy and the committee for Black History Month:


Recalls working for Midlands Arts Marketing and being involved in producing a regional Black History Month brochure:


Recalls the debate between Black History Month and Black History Season and her thoughts on the discussion:


Recalls her first encounter with Black History growing up in Reading with her family heritage:


Recalls in more detail her family heritage:


Recalls attending a Community Achievement Award and Elvy Morton’s speech:


Explains the importance of Serendipity’s work of promoting Black arts within arts programmes:


Recalls the importance of feedback to help her to develop a dance programme within the community:


Explains her thoughts on the future of Black History Month:


Explains the importance of recording and collecting people’s memories relating to Black History and Black History Month: