Juliette Brade

Juliette Brade born in 1955 – Charleston, Nevis.

Listen below to find out about the different schools Juliette attended:


Explains the reason for her move to England:


Explains her reason for arriving in Leicester:


Explains her reason for moving her family to Leicester, further education and working life:


Recalls working with Leicester Caribbean Carnival for the first time:


Recalls leaving University and the rest of her working life:


Explains more information about the Leicester Caribbean Carnival:


Juliette continues to discuss the Carnival and other Carnival’s that she has attended over the years:


Recalls the Carnival’s involvement with Black History Season:


Explains her thoughts relating to Black History Month:


Recalls customs that younger generations should learn about within Black History Month:


Juliette continues to explain more of her thoughts on Black History Month and the younger generations in terms of education:


Explains how she thinks Black History Month is revolving and her thoughts on the Black community:


Recalls her father who lived in England for many years:


Explains her perspective relating to the importance of archiving and recording memories relating to Black History and Black History Month: