Louise Katerega: 2003 Performance

The below footage shows a performance called DNA: Destiny’s Natural Ally, re-created from a BHM performance in 1999 choreographed by Sheron Wray and performed by dancer Louise Katerega.

Dancer Louise Katerega performed DNA on Saturday 18 January, 2003 at Robin Howard Dance Theatre, London.

From the first geometrical measurements to the sophistication of hieroglyphics… a dancer and a length of rope entwine in a celebration of the scientific achievements of ancient Egypt and the power of Afrikan woman.

As printed in Robin Howard Dance Theatre Brochure, 2003.

A dancer and a length of rope intertwine to the delicate classical Kora music of young star of the British African classical music scene, Tunde Jugede. Originally commissioned to accompany a museum exhibition of Afrikan artifacts, the dance celebrates the scientific achievements of ancient Afrika and the power of the Afrikan Woman. The work has subsequently been invited for performances at a museum’s conference, dance platforms and British Black dance events where it has received an enthusiastic response from these varied audiences.

As printed in FNB Dance Umbrella Brochure, 2003.