Louise Katerega

Choreographer Sheron Wray created a performance called DNA: Destiny’s Natural Ally for Black History Month 1999; performed by dancer Louise Katerega.

Louise born in 1969 – North Wales.

Listen below as she recalls her school days in Wales:


Louise gives details about her career profession:


Recalls being invited to participate as a performer and choreographer during BHM 1999:


Recalls BHM 1999 Griographies piece:


Recalls second part of Griographies and her piece ‘Between the Stones and the Stars’:


Recalls the preparation for both pieces performed as part of BHM 1999:


Explains the afterlife and legacy of both pieces personally and for other generations:


Recalls her memories of BHM and her entrance into understanding the importance of celebrating Black History:


Explains why she thinks BHM is important:


Explains her thoughts on the future of BHM and reflecting on her own personal experiences: