Millie Munroe

Millie Munroe born in Jamaica, West Indies. She moved to Leicester, England in 1961. Recalls her work aspirations, and her work in nursing and social work in Leicester;


Millie explains her role and the importance of the Church in her life:


Recalls how her singing career began with her first inspirations and continues to explain about the band ‘Eastern Variation’ that was formed in 1973;


Recalls the names of her former band members of ‘Eastern Variation’ with a photograph from a record label shown above (left to right);


Recalls her memories of rehearsing with the band ‘Eastern Variation’ and a fire that occurred at their rehearsal studio on London Road;


Explains how ‘Eastern Variation’ was the first multicultural band in Leicestershire;


Recalls the places that the band performed and toured at across England;


Recalls memories of ‘Eastern Variation’ as a family;


Explains her future aspirations of a gospel band;


Recalls other songs that ‘Pearl and Millie’ wrote such as ‘Creation’ and ‘E T Rock’ as well as other places that they performed including BBC Television broadcasts;


Explains the difference between ‘Eastern Variation’ and ‘The Foster Sisters’;


Explains how ‘Pearl and Millie’ made cover songs their ‘own’ by changing the format;


Recalls the change from ‘Eastern Variation’ to the ‘Foster Sisters’ (Pearl and Millie);


Explains the reason behind the name ‘Eastern Variation’;


Recalls performing at events during Black History Month at the African Caribbean Centre:


Recalls receiving a Community Achievement Award during Black History Month:


Recalls the artists ‘Eastern Variation’ performed with such as local artist, Laurel Aitken;


Recalls working with their friend, local artist Laurel Aitken;


Explains her thoughts and perspective on the importance of Black History Month;


Explains her thoughts about the future of Black History Month;