Pamela Campbell – Morris

Pamela Campbell born Gloucester and lived in Jamaica.


Explains her background, education and working life in Leicester:


Recalls all of the different places that she has worked for in Leicester;


Explains her thoughts on Black History Month and her work at the Ajani Women and Girls Centre in teaching about Black History;


Recalls events’ during Black History Month;


Recalls the Leicester Caribbean Carnival and themes that related to Black History Month and the legacy for young people learning about Black History;


Recalls her involvement with the Ajani Women and Girls Centre and her role as Project Manager;


Explains her thoughts on the importance of Black history and the future for the Black history development;


Explains her thoughts on the future of Black History Month with events across the city and the importance of grassroots community groups;


Explains the work of her group ‘Leicester Community Project’ and their discussions on Black history;


Explains the importance of Black history within the school curriculum in a diverse city;


Explains her involvement with other groups within Leicester such as the Highfield Rangers and West Indian Senior Citizens Project (WISCP);


Explains the importance of archiving and collecting memories relating to Black history and Black History Month;


Recalls Raddle books in Highfields, Leicester;


Recalls her memories of Wolde Selassie.