Pearl Ricketts

Pearl Ricketts born in Manchester, Jamaica. She moved to Nottingham, England in 1962 and then to Leicester in 1969.

Pearl is shown on the photo above (right).


Recalls Millie Munroe her sister moving to Leicester, England in 1961 and her work in Leicester:


Recalls her first interest in singing as a child with Church choirs in Jamaica and England:


Recalls herself and Millie writing their own lyrics for their band, ‘Eastern Variation’ and their song ‘E T Rock’:


Recalls Mikey Dred and his ideas for forming the band with ‘Pearl and Millie’:


Recalls their decision to form the band, ‘Eastern Variation’:


Recalls the different venues that, ‘Pearl and Millie’ performed at in Leicester:


Explains the difference between ‘The Foster Sisters’ and ‘Pearl and Millie’:


Recalls since 1973, ‘The Foster Sisters’ achieving their different awards and accolades:


Explains her involvement with the community as singers and performers:


Explains about her involvement with the Amika Choir in Leicester:


Recalls her involvement with Black History Month and Laurel Aitken in Leicester:


Recalls her and Millie performing at different venues across the City as part of Black History Month:


Explains her thoughts and perspective on Black History Month:


Recalls radio and TV broadcasts when involved with the Amika choir:


Explains the community’s encouragement of ‘Pearl and Millie’ performing as part of Black History Month’s events:


Explains about her voluntary community involvement in Leicester with play schemes:


Recalls the documentary that her and Millie were involved with relating to ‘people’s lives’ produced in America with the song written by ‘Pearl and Millie’ called ‘Sweet Sensation’:


Explains the importance of Black History Month and what the ‘Month’ should look like in the next thirty years and the education of their children:


Explains her thoughts about the TV program Roots:


Recalls her involvement with Raddle Books:


Recalls Wolde Selassie and other people who were involved with Raddle Books:


Recalls the Ajani Women and Girls Centre in Highfields, Leicester:


Explains the legacy of ‘Pearl and Millie’:


Recalls the beginning of her involvement with the Amika Choir: