Uwimana Isis

Uwimana Isis born in 1962 – Leicester. She is involved with Kizzie Dancers and worked at Raddle’s Bookshop.

Listen below to find out more about Uwimana:


Explains about her school education and working life in Leicester:


Recalls her working life and work at Raddle’s Bookshop in Highfields, Leicester:


Recalls working at a school in Leicester and the difficulty of Black History being made part of the curriculum and her work at Spectrum:


Recalls her role as a general worker at Raddle’s bookshop and a conference, ‘Education of the Black Child’ that took place annually:


Recalls what Raddle bookshop looked like on Berners Street:


Recalls the characters that ran Raddle’s bookshop:


Recalls discussion and the community that visited Raddle’s bookshop:


Explains the different types of books that Raddle’s bookshop sold:


Explains the introduction of Kizzie Dancers to the local community:


Explains how Leicester Expressive Arts helped Kizzie Dancers:


Explains her thoughts on Black History Month:


Explains her thoughts on education of Black History in modern day curriculum:


Explains how Raddle’s helped to fill the gap of Black people’s knowledge of Black History:


Explains her thoughts on the future of Black History Month:


Explains her thoughts on the importance of recording and collecting memories of Black History Month:


Photo above of Kizzie Dancers donated by Earle Robinson.