Victor Richards

Victor Richards born in London and moved to Leicester in 1964.

Listen below to find out more about Victor:


Explains where he was born and his move to Leicester:


Recalls his family and life growing up in Leicester:


Recalls a fashion show he organised in Birmingham ‘Fashion Through the Ages’, which was a springboard to his future career:


Explains his interest in African and African Caribbean heritage:


Recalls his inspiration for creating ‘Streets Paved with Gold’:


Explains the concept and creation behind ‘Streets Paved with Gold’:


Recalls venues where he performed ‘Streets Paved with Gold’ within Black History Month:


Recalls performing at the Haymarket Theatre in Black History Month, 1998:


Explains his thoughts on approaches to education with Black History:


Explains his thoughts on the future of Black History Month:


Listen to Victor below: ‘Streets Paved with Gold’: