Pearl Ricketts and Millie Munroe image

Pearl Ricketts and Millie Munroe

Musical pioneers, sisters Pearl and Millie have been performing together since 1973 as a family band. As founder members of the band Eastern Variation, which was one of the first in Leicester to feature both Black and white musicians, they released several records including Baby I Love You, Creation and E T Rock. They made their television debut on The Rockers Road show on Channel 4 in 1978. They also frequently appear as a gospel duet Foster Sisters, or as Millie and Pearl performing soca and reggae. They have received numerous accolades and awards for example, winning BBC DIVA Talent Contest and have worked closely with the community to share their passion for music currently performing with Leicester’s Amika Community Choir.

See below a gallery of Pearl and Millie’s photographs and collection of posters:

Courtesy of Pearl Ricketts and Millie Munroe.