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Black education is important, and within our education system there are not many opportunities for people to learn about Black History other than Black History Month. However, Temple Education runs events and workshops, which focus on Black History with Historian Robin Walker known as ‘The Black History Man Leading Black History Specialist since 2006,’ throughout the year.

On Monday 13 August 2012, an African Black Studies course ran for 10 weeks for anyone with an interest in the Black contributions to various areas of life and society. Session content covered enslavement, resistance, introduction to Black political realities, the Birth of Radical Black Sociology, Family Organisation in the Black Community, Black Male/Female Relationships, Franz Fanon and the Birth of Black Psychology, Developmental Psychology of Black Children and Research Findings of Key Black Psychologists.

Another lecture by Robin Walker on Black Contributions to Science on Friday May 29, 2015. The lecture focused on Astronomy, The Science That Mapped the Heavens, which started in Africa.

This insightful two-hour lecture explored how extraordinary discoveries by the Ancient Egyptians influenced our calendars. See below a list:

  1. What the Dogon and scholars of Timbuktu added to the development of astronomy.
  2. Why Ethiopian monks kept mathematical tables to calculate major religious festivals
  3. How archaeologists in Kenya and Zimbabwe discovered ancient astronomical data in stone monuments.
  4. Which African American scientist/mathematician published best-selling texts on astronomy 18th Century.
  5. Why scientists such as Mae Jaemison and Christine Darden must be recognised as major contributors to space sciences today.

The leaflet states that ‘We aim to encourage and inspire the community to continue to be interested in science, technology and mathematics…as our ancestors were.’

‘The Story of Black Popular Music’ lecture was held on Friday 31 July 2015. Robin Walker ‘The Black History Man’ will give an inspiring multimedia presentation that will tell the story of the evolution of Black popular music. Beginning in the early 1950s, he narrates the evolution of Rock & Roll, Soul, Funk, Ska, Disco, Hip Hop, Techno and House Music.

On Friday 18 March Robin Walker in his presentation focused on ‘How The Moors Developed Europe’. The legacy of the Moors and their contribution to the development of European culture, have been largely ignored, hidden and denied. Also, explorations of the new world, the scientific, social, political, and even public health and urban development would not have happened without long standing, constant and fundamental contact with Moorish influence.

In 2016, “Temple Education in association with Robin Walker will be hosting a 36 session Level 2 Course on Black Studies.”

The course enables participants to: 

  1. Study the Key Black Studies texts in a mutually supportive environment
  2. Become more familiar with the African heritage
  3. Develop your confidence in presenting and discussing the information
  4. Use the African Data to confront practical problems facing the Black
  5. Community with viable solutions


  1. Hannibal the Great and the civilisations of Carthage and Numidia (1 September 2016)
  2. The East African Civilisations of Kush, Ethiopia and the Swahili (8 September 2016)
  3. The Southern African Civilisations of Great Zimbabwe and Munhumutapa (15 September 2016)
  4. Ancient and Mediaeval History of Nigeria (22 September 2016)
  5. Everyday life in the Songhai Empire LECTURE (29 September 2016)
  6. The Ancient Ghanaian Empire WORKSHOP (6 October 2016)


  1. Life in the Mali Empire WORKSHOP (13 October 2016)
  2. Anatomy of the Songhai Empire WORKSHOP (27 October 2016)
  3. The Slave Trade and the Destruction of African Culture (3 November 2016)
  4. Nzinga and the Empires of Kongo and Ndongo & Matamba (10 November 2016)
  5. The Ashanti Empire and the “Slave Trade” (17 November 2016)
  6. History of Black People in Britain before 1948 (24 November 2016)



  1. Black Urban Problems that refuse to go away (1 December 2016)
  2. The sociology of the black male/female gender war (8 December 2016)
  3. Who in the Black Community is to Blame for Youth Crime? (15 December 2016)


  1. The research findings of Nobles, Akbar, Welsing, Wright, etcetera ( 5 January 2017)
  2. Black Skins, White Masks and the research of Franz Fanon WORKSHOP (12 January 2017)
  3. Strategies for Black Child Development (19 January 2017)


Economics and personal development

  1. The challenges faced by the Black community in making money (26 January 2017)
  2. Success and the power of the mind (2 February 2017)
  3. An analysis of the Subira model of economic empowerment (9 February 2017)


  1. Why you need to be able to sell (23 February 2017)
  2. An analysis of the empowerment ideas of Rich Dad (2 March 2017)
  3. Developing an action plan for individual empowerment (9 March 2017)


  1. African American contributions to invention (16 March 2017)
  2. African American contributions to science (23 March 2017)
  3. Magnificent Traditions of ancient African art and craft (30 March 2017)
  4. Ancient and Mediaeval African Architecture (6 April 2017)


  1. Development of Black Literature before the 20th Century (27 April 2017)
  2. Black women in the origin and evolution of music (4 May 2015)


  1. The Ancient Egyptian Book of the Dead (11 May 2017)
  2. The history of African people and Judaism (18 May 2017)
  3. The history of African people and Christianity (25 May 2017)


  1. The history of African people and Islam and Other Asian religions (8 June 2017)
  2. African descended people and the birth of new religious movements (15 June 2017)


  1. What possibilities are there to make changes and have an impact on wider society? WORKSHOP (22 June 2017)
  2. Presentation and Celebrations (29 June 2017)


Temple Education: Black History Month Events

A free introductory session to Afrikan/Black Studies was held on Tuesday 15 October 2013 in order to help the community to explore more about Afrika’s contribution to civilisation, history, arts, science, technology, music, psychology, politics, spirituality and religion.

Some of the comments from the event are shown below:

“Given me a good, solid understanding of where I come from. Has noticeably had a positive effect on my sense of belonging.”

“Have a more informed opinion of important situations…more confidence in whatever I say.”

‘The Inspirational Story of Black People in the Origin and Evolution of Medicine and Surgery: Lecture, Discussion and Book Launch with Robin Walker’ took place on Friday 2 October 2015.

While it is important to acknowledge the role of Black people in the evolution of the NHS and to highlight medical practitioners like Mary Seacole, the role of Black people in the history of medicine and surgery goes back much further than this.

The documented history of medicine and surgery actually goes as far back as Ancient Egyptian times!

Not only that, the other great early Kingdoms and empires in Africa continued to the evolution of medical and surgical knowledge. Moreover, African Americas have made great advances in these areas since the eighteenth century right up until now.

In this lecture, discussion and book launch, Robin Walker ‘the Black History Man’ will tell this inspirational story stretching over thousands of years of history. He will also be re-launching his books Blacks and Science Volumes I, II and III.

From Robin Walker’s books you will learn the details on:

  1.  The Ancient Egyptian medical document that contains diagnoses of fractures that could ONLY be detected today using X-rays.
  2. The antibiotics used in the Nile Valley thousands of years before Sir Alexander Fleming supposedly discovered Penicillin.
  3. The West African doctor who treated French ruler Charles VII in 1420 when everyone else failed.
  4. The surviving sixteenth century Timbuktu manuscript that has a formula for making toothpaste and suggests that regular brushing of your teeth removes bad breath.
  5. The British medical doctor in 1879 who witnessed a successful caesarean section performed by indigenous surgeons in Uganda with complete success when caesarean sections had a 100% death rates for the mother when performed in Europe at the time.
  6. The African American surgeon who performed a completely successful open heart surgery in 1893.
  7. The African American chemist whose treatment for rheumatoid arthritis broke the monopoly that European chemists had on the production of sterois.



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Temple Education, ‘The Inspirational Story of Black People in the Origin and Evolution of Medicine and Surgery: Lecture, Discussion and Book Launch with Robin Walker’ event poster, 2 October 2015.

Donated by Temple Education, Lois McNab.